Is the Future of Big Business and Domains?

When your stock goes up about 700% in under 3 and a half years, you must be doing something right. That’s the case for, who have taken the CRM world by storm and shown the power of the cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service).

There are obviously many factors that have led to their explosive success. They consistently stay on the cutting edge of technology, maintain simplicity with their services and understand the power that domain names can possess. Read the rest of this entry »


The Value in Buying Generic Domains Relating to Your Core Business

We’ve discussed both brandable and generic domains a lot recently. For the most part, the focus has been on using them as your primary business domain. However, there are other uses for domains, and buying generic domains relating to your core business can bring some massive benefits.

In the article explaining why top-tier generic domains generally sell for more than brandable domains, we note that they can get search engine traffic, may have type-in traffic and can convey authority. They can still offer those benefits even if they’re not used for your primary domain. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do Top-Tier Generic Domains Sell For More Than Brandable Domains?

In a previous article, I proclaim that short brandable domains make stronger brands than generic domains. I’ve had a couple people ask me since then why generic domains sell for more if that’s the case.

Before I answer that, I would like to point out that there are some high brandable domain sales. Facebook for instance put forth $8.5 million to secure, and it wasn’t even their primary brand domain. paid $4.5 million for, a product/service brand they were still developing. That said, it is true that top-tier generic domains make up a vast majority of the top domain sales. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do Short Brandable Domains Make Stronger Brands Than Generic Domains?

If you ever look at Alexa top sites (or simply stop and think about the most major online brands), you’d notice a trend. Among the top brands, you’ll find nearly every form of short brandable domain imaginable, and very few generic domains.

For instance, if you look at Alexa top sites, the closest to a generic domain that you might come across in top rankings are at rank 44, at rank 52 and at rank 67. While those are close to being generic, they aren’t quite 100% generic for what is on them. The first true generic you’ll reach is at rank 115. Read the rest of this entry »

Brandable Vs. Generic Domain: What’s Right For Your Site?

We’ve gone over the different styles of business brand domains in the past: purely brandable, purely generic, and brandable generic. The first step to finding the right domain for your site is to determine which style of name to go with.

Each of them have benefits and drawbacks, so how can you figure out which style to use for your site? Read the rest of this entry »