The Web: 644,275,754 Websites on Over 225 Million Domains

Today there were reports released from both NetCraft regarding number of websites online and Verisign regarding number of domains online. As if it wasn’t apparent already, they show that the web keeps growing at an amazing rate.

According to the NetCraft report, as of March 2012 there are 644,275,754 websites online. This takes into account domains with multiple sites such as and The total represents a growth of 5.1% since just last month and believe it or not, over 100% from March 2011 when their report indicated 298,002,705 sites. Read the rest of this entry »


Horrible Domain Dispute Decision Impacts Short Brandable/Acronym Domain

If you pay enough attention to UDRP decisions on a regular basis, you’ll notice a trend. Simply put, anything goes. Despite the general guidelines of UDRP being the same for each case, each panelist interprets those guidelines differently in different cases.

Unfortunately, that leads to some very poor decisions handed down. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Domains at a Single Registrar

Having domains at multiple registrars may not seem like a major issue. In fact, some may even recommend it to not keep “all your eggs in one basket”. In reality, having domains at multiple registrars can be annoying at best, disastrous at worst.

First of all, how does it even happen? Having been watching over as many as 20 different registrar accounts at once, I can say it often just happens. When you buy domains from other people, it’s generally best to receive the domain at the same registrar to avoid delays in getting it. Doing that however means you have to remember at some point to transfer it out. Read the rest of this entry »

More Statistics on Globalized Domain Extensions and Their Popularity

Our last article looked at .net vs. .org as the 2nd choice behind .com. Some comments we received about the article mentioned other extensions as viable #2 choices such as .co and .me. Since we looked at the top million sites of Alexa and Quantcast for .net vs. .org, why not for other extensions?

Here is how the extensions break down for each top million list: Read the rest of this entry »

The Age-Old Second Best Extension Debate: .net or .org?

Enough about new TLDs – let’s talk about two of the most popular ones that already exist!

There’s never a debate on which extension is the king of domains – .com obviously claims that crown. In general, you should always stick with .com for your primary business domain. What about secondary domains you get for SEO purposes though? Or if you are a domain investor, what about getting a domain for resale? Read the rest of this entry »

144 New TLD Applicants With 1 Month Remaining

As reported by DomainIncite, there are now 144 applicants for new TLDs with each being able to apply for 1 to 50 new TLDs.

1 month remains for potential applicants to open a new account in order to apply for new TLDs, with the final deadline for new TLD applications being April 12. The halfway point both for new applicants as well as for new TLD applications themselves has been passed. Read the rest of this entry »

What if There Were 100,000 New Domain Extensions in the Near Future?

What if in 2020 there were 100,000 new TLDs in total? A blog post by Naseem Javid looks at the scenario and how it would affect the thought behind use of gTLDs.

In my Business Insider article 10 Myths About the New Top-Level Domains, one point I make is that you won’t be able to register .anything and .everything when new TLDs hit. The limitations of ICANN’s new TLD program will keep that from happening. In fact, their limitations will keep Naseem’s scenario from playing out. Read the rest of this entry »