9 Tips for Ensuring a Successful Domain Purchase (Video)

Buying a domain for your website is not easy. Deciding which domain to buy can take massive time and effort alone and someone else may already own your first choice. If you then try to buy that domain, breakdowns can happen at any stage of the process resulting in a failed purchase attempt. Read the rest of this entry »


Domain Sales Exposure Through GoDaddy Premium Listings Vs. GoDaddy Auctions

It’s hard to know how different sales avenues work for you until you try them. At the very least though, you should know exactly how they help you sell your domain.

We’ve previously discussed GoDaddy Premium Listings, which we recommend for selling your domains if they are registered on GoDaddy. If your domains aren’t registered on GoDaddy, then listing them in Afternic or Sedo will include them in GoDaddy Auctions, which is GoDaddy’s robust sales platform. Read the rest of this entry »

Is SalesForce.com the Future of Big Business and Domains?

When your stock goes up about 700% in under 3 and a half years, you must be doing something right. That’s the case for SalesForce.com, who have taken the CRM world by storm and shown the power of the cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service).

There are obviously many factors that have led to their explosive success. They consistently stay on the cutting edge of technology, maintain simplicity with their services and understand the power that domain names can possess. Read the rest of this entry »

Matt Cutts Confirms New TLDs Will Not Get SEO Preference

We recently posted about new TLDs vs. .com with regards to search rankings indicating that new TLDs will generally not outrank .com domains in Google or other search engines. It appears Google is in agreement with us.

Matt Cutts saw the article claiming that new TLDs would be dethroning .com in search and made this response on Google+: Read the rest of this entry »

Computers and the Internet Bring About the End of a 244-Year Era

“Print is dead.”

You may have heard this statement at some point in the past couple decades with the rise of computers and the internet. In truth, published books, magazines and newspapers are still alive but appear to be on their last legs. Between computers and now e-readers and tablets, more and more people are opting to read digital print.

Many top publications are now shifting their focus to their web presences for that reason. With the shift of print towards digital, advertisers are shifting there too. You might think that some of the most traditional publications can still weather the storm and stay on paper, but yesterday’s big news indicates otherwise. Read the rest of this entry »

New TLDs Will Not Easily Outrank .com Domains

With new TLDs coming soon and the whole process and launch being unprecedented, some people have high expectations for them.

Blogger Adrian Kinderis of ARI Registry Services proclaimed that new TLDs will give .com a run for its money in Google rankings. While this is a stance we disagree with, there were some true points made. Read the rest of this entry »

Exact Match Domains for SEO: Beware of Getting Too Precise

If you’re getting exact match domains for SEO purposes, you should understand there’s more to consider than just the numbers.

The tendency is to look solely at whether the domain matches a phrase with a high amount of monthly searches and/or high cost-per-click on ads targeting the phrase. While the numbers are obviously very important in telling you whether a phrase is lucrative or not, good numbers don’t always make a good exact match name. Read the rest of this entry »