Matt Cutts Confirms New TLDs Will Not Get SEO Preference

We recently posted about new TLDs vs. .com with regards to search rankings indicating that new TLDs will generally not outrank .com domains in Google or other search engines. It appears Google is in agreement with us.

Matt Cutts saw the article claiming that new TLDs would be dethroning .com in search and made this response on Google+: Read the rest of this entry »

Advertisements Finally Taken By Facebook From Popular FriendFinder Networks

A domain that was formerly in the top 600 of Alexa’s daily traffic rankings,, was finally handed over to after a trademark lawsuit filed nearly a year ago.

We often hear of trademark lawsuits and UDRPs by large companies that bully small companies and domain investors off their domains. In this case however, the adult company FriendFinder Networks (FFN), most famous for their site, was most certainly flaunting a clear infringement of the most popular social network with a very popular site. Read the rest of this entry »

The Web: 644,275,754 Websites on Over 225 Million Domains

Today there were reports released from both NetCraft regarding number of websites online and Verisign regarding number of domains online. As if it wasn’t apparent already, they show that the web keeps growing at an amazing rate.

According to the NetCraft report, as of March 2012 there are 644,275,754 websites online. This takes into account domains with multiple sites such as and The total represents a growth of 5.1% since just last month and believe it or not, over 100% from March 2011 when their report indicated 298,002,705 sites. Read the rest of this entry »

Number of New TLD Applicants Grows 44% in Past Week

As reported by Kevin Murphy on DomainIncite yesterday, the amount of new TLD applicants is now up to 207. Just a week prior, the count was 144, indicating a growth of about 44% in a week.

This may be the peak signup week though as presumably most companies will not be waiting until the very last minute to sign up to the TLD Application System. After all, they would still need to complete their application to sign up for the new TLD. Read the rest of this entry »

Horrible Domain Dispute Decision Impacts Short Brandable/Acronym Domain

If you pay enough attention to UDRP decisions on a regular basis, you’ll notice a trend. Simply put, anything goes. Despite the general guidelines of UDRP being the same for each case, each panelist interprets those guidelines differently in different cases.

Unfortunately, that leads to some very poor decisions handed down. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple Just Lost a Trademark Dispute Against Mobile Web Developers Wapple – Here’s Why

As Techcrunch reported today, Apple just lost a 5 year long trademark dispute against mobile web development company Wapple. Apple originally filed the lawsuit in 2007, the year it first released the iPhone.

If you don’t look at any further details of the case, the outcome might seem surprising. With Apple now so ingrained in the world’s mobile device economy, it would seem obvious that a mobile development company named Wapple must be trying to ride their coattails. Delve further into the case however and there’s a good reason Apple didn’t win. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Using a Single Sale to Evaluate a Domain Can Be Dangerous

One of the hot news items in the domain industry today was an enormous reported domain sale, for $30.18 million. If taken at face value, it would be by far the largest domain-only sale ever, surpassing at $13 million.

However, the sale may not be what it seems. Herein lies the problem when using a single large sale to make a case for domain value. Someone may see the headline about this domain sale and run out and buy private jet related domains for their business or for investment or resale. They may end up drastically overpaying for the domain or domains they buy and may not realize it for quite some time. Read the rest of this entry »