The Web: 644,275,754 Websites on Over 225 Million Domains

Today there were reports released from both NetCraft regarding number of websites online and Verisign regarding number of domains online. As if it wasn’t apparent already, they show that the web keeps growing at an amazing rate.

According to the NetCraft report, as of March 2012 there are 644,275,754 websites online. This takes into account domains with multiple sites such as and The total represents a growth of 5.1% since just last month and believe it or not, over 100% from March 2011 when their report indicated 298,002,705 sites.

Verisign’s report indicated the “over 225 million” domain figure as of the close of 4th quarter 2011, meaning that as of the NetCraft report, the number is likely at least 3-4 million higher. Over 5.9 million domains were added over the course of the quarter, an increase of 2.7% over the previous quarter. The increase over the previous year was 20.4 million, or 10%.

If there is one conclusion to draw from this growth, it’s that the web keeps getting more and more crowded. It’s not as simple as getting your domain and building an online presence anymore. You can’t expect to just put up a website and get visitors coming to your door.

This is where getting a better domain and building a better brand makes a difference.

Regardless of which niche your business targets, you will have a slew of competitors. With how many more sites are online over just a year ago, it’s clear that getting ranked highly in search engines and standing out from the crowd is that much harder.

On the other hand, the amount of domains registered is indeed increasing too and at an impressive rate, but not nearly as fast as the amount of websites. More importantly, the amount of quality domains really isn’t increasing much at all considering most of the domains that get registered on a daily basis are worthless.

So there is an increasingly smaller percentage of websites using a quality domain that will catch people’s attention, appear authoritative and be memorable for word-of-mouth and visiting later.

Simply put, the competition is as fierce as it’s ever been. You need to take your branding and domain buying decisions seriously to have better chances of cutting through the competition and achieving the success you’re looking for.

At Domainate, we can help you get the right domain for your business or organization. Contact us if you need a domain.


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