Number of New TLD Applicants Grows 44% in Past Week

As reported by Kevin Murphy on DomainIncite yesterday, the amount of new TLD applicants is now up to 207. Just a week prior, the count was 144, indicating a growth of about 44% in a week.

This may be the peak signup week though as presumably most companies will not be waiting until the very last minute to sign up to the TLD Application System. After all, they would still need to complete their application to sign up for the new TLD.

Each applicant could apply for as many as 50 new TLDs. Most are expected to apply for only one TLD while some such as Tucows and Minds + Machines have already indicated applying for multiple TLDs. A number of TLDs will also be applied for by multiple applicants, which will more than likely result in auctions with those TLDs going to the highest bidders.

If this rate of growth continued until the end of the applicant signup process (March 29), there would be a total of about 430-440 applicants, considerably higher than I predicted in our last update on TLD applicants.

That said, I do still believe it may slow down towards the end as most companies will have signed up and be well into the process of completing their applications. Applications are not first-come first-served, but with no second application round set in stone yet, it’s important that any company wanting to apply for one to get their applications in by the April 12 deadline.


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