5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Domains at a Single Registrar

Having domains at multiple registrars may not seem like a major issue. In fact, some may even recommend it to not keep “all your eggs in one basket”. In reality, having domains at multiple registrars can be annoying at best, disastrous at worst.

First of all, how does it even happen? Having been watching over as many as 20 different registrar accounts at once, I can say it often just happens. When you buy domains from other people, it’s generally best to receive the domain at the same registrar to avoid delays in getting it. Doing that however means you have to remember at some point to transfer it out.

That may be easy enough to remember if you only have a few domains. If you have hundreds or thousands of domains however, you often don’t remember it until it’s too late to transfer out. You wind up having to renew the domain and then remembering prior to renewal the next year to transfer it out.

But what’s the big deal about having domains at multiple registrars anyways?

Reasons why you should keep your domain names at a single registrar

1. Take advantage of what your favorite registrar has to offer

Everyone has a favorite registrar for their own reasons. Whether it’s the lowest prices, best customer support, best interface or best security, why not take advantage of that with ALL your domains?

Especially when it comes to pricing, a few dollars per year or more per domain can add up if you have a lot of domains.

2. Spend less administrative time on your domains

If you have domains across many accounts, consider all the time you spend logging into the various accounts all the time to check them, renew them, etc. It’s much easier and simpler to manage everything from a single account, and if you base your registrar choice on ease of interface/management, you’ll save even more time with that too.

3. Make use of bulk discounts

Not all registrars offer bulk discounts on domain renewals, but some do. If you have all your domains in a single account, you’ll be able to take advantage of those discounts. Again, a couple dollars per year per domain can really add up.

4. Avoid losing track of any domains

I will admit to having been notoriously disorganized in the past, enough to have lost track of domains and inadvertently let some expire that I wanted to keep. If you have only a few domains and you’re using them, it’s not likely to happen to you. With thousands of domains on the other hand, if there are accounts you only have one or two domains in, you could easily forget about them.

When you have accounts across many different registrars, you may become too reliant on emails to remind you to renew domains. If those emails don’t reach you, then you could wind up losing the domain.

5. Easier to make mass changes to your domains

If you use a single host for all your domains and you decide to change hosts, going through many different accounts to change all your domains can be a hassle. Having everything in one account can make it a quicker task, especially at registrars with good bulk domain management.

Likewise, if you ever decide to change the email you use on your whois, you can make those contact changes much easier in just one account than across many different accounts.

So if you’ve put off consolidating your domains into a single registrar account, stop putting it off. Take the time to go through your upcoming domain renewals and start transferring the domains well ahead of time so you don’t forget. You’ll be thankful later that you did it.


3 Comments on “5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Domains at a Single Registrar”

  1. domainbuyersassociation says:

    The big problem Steve is to choose only one registrar because every registrars are so different. For example Godaddy is expensive. Name.com remove domains into the period of grace what avoid we renew it during that period. Dynadot it seems very nice and have a good plan of promotions (almost every months they reduce the prices for transfer in with a promocode).
    However not all are the same when we think about the management of the account. Dynadot is not so good as Name.com and SEDO is worst.
    What to do when we have this situation? Choose just one even when it is more expensive than others (sometimes $3 more like the difference between Name.com and Dynadot. GoDaddy is even more expensive than Name.com.
    What to do?


    • Steve Jones says:

      Carlos, you don’t HAVE to go with only one registrar – there are just many benefits to doing so, especially over being spread across several registrars.

      Many domain investors might stick with 2 or 3 registrars and feed any names they receive at others into those registrars. As long as you keep good track of them and aren’t needlessly overpaying or spending too much time with management of them, then it’s not a bad thing to do.


  2. Sharon Hayes says:

    Reblogged this on Sharon Hayes Dot Com.

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