More Statistics on Globalized Domain Extensions and Their Popularity

Our last article looked at .net vs. .org as the 2nd choice behind .com. Some comments we received about the article mentioned other extensions as viable #2 choices such as .co and .me. Since we looked at the top million sites of Alexa and Quantcast for .net vs. .org, why not for other extensions?

Here is how the extensions break down for each top million list:

Alexa (measuring global traffic)

.com: 517,898 sites
.net: 59,746 sites
.org: 40,441 sites
.info: 16,646 sites
.biz: 3,835 sites
.tv: 3,407 sites
.us: 2,649 sites
.me: 1,962 sites
.cc: 1,889 sites
.co: 1,166 sites
.ws: 896 sites
.tk: 483 sites
.to: 413 sites
.mobi: 378 sites
.name: 348 sites
.pro: 247 sites

One thing I found interesting was the high count for .tv. This is an extension that we feel has been targely undervalued, especially as video has become more and more popular. It is an example of a popular genericized ccTLD that gives hope to new generic TLDs on the horizon.

Also, .cc, which is somewhat of a former version of .co in that it was made out to be a .com alternative, actually beats .co in high traffic websites. .cc DOES have several years of existence ahead of .co, but nonetheless, at this point it’s surprising how far off .co is from it.

Quantcast (measuring US traffic)

.com: 740,610 sites
.org: 102,877 sites
.net: 60,377 sites
.info: 13,794 sites
.us: 5,770 sites
.biz: 3,151 sites
.tv: 2,080 sites
.co: 1,023 sites
.me: 970 sites
.ws: 688 sites
.cc: 657 sites
.tk: 651 sites
.mobi: 332 sites
.to: 205 sites
.name: 181 sites
.pro: 111 sites

As we noted in our last article, .org beats .net in Quantcast by a wide margin despite .net beating .org in Alexa. Many of the counts are lower as you’ll notice due to the much larger count of .com.

.tv is not as close to .biz in this list, but still has a strong showing. .co also has a stronger showing in this list, beating .me and .cc while it was under them in the Alexa list.

For the amount of domains registered in .mobi, it clearly has not resulted in a good percentage of popular sites. That said, many that are used by large companies are redirected to the mobile version of their site, which would mean the .mobi traffic wouldn’t get registered in these lists.

One question is, what do the numbers about .com say about it? More than it might appear. Consider that there are just over 100 million .com domains registered and over 215 million domains registered overall, meaning less than half of registered domains are .com. But even in Alexa’s international list, .com covers over half the entries. On Quantcast’s US traffic list, .com covers nearly 3/4 of the list!

Note that we didn’t include mostly nationalized ccTLDs like .de,, .in, .cn and others as they are largely used within their own country and not as much for international websites.

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3 Comments on “More Statistics on Globalized Domain Extensions and Their Popularity”

  1. Henry says:

    Very interesting seeing these stats. Look at were .us is but you don’t see the domain name sales for the .us. Also the .info is doing very good too!

    I think the .us and .info are doing very good and are under value at this time.

  2. Altaf says:

    Why no records for other ccTLDs sites? Are they not ranked ? Are they not collect traffic at all? Something wrong in the global statistics. it is biased!

    • Steve Jones says:

      Altaf, did you read the post? “Note that we didn’t include mostly nationalized ccTLDs like .de,, .in, .cn and others as they are largely used within their own country and not as much for international websites.”

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