A Better Domain Helps You Reach the Next Level Much Easier

The internet keeps getting more crowded by the day. Between actual people using the web, domains registered and webpages indexed by search engines, the web is an ever-expanding universe of its own.

If you’re considering starting your own online business, you’re clearly not alone. The amount of registered domains has had a net increase of over 10% over the past 2 years. While not all of those are for their own business, that also doesn’t factor the many domains that sell on the secondary market. Entrepreneurs are everywhere and vastly growing in number.

That flood of new online businesses combined with the already huge number of existing businesses online makes online success tougher however. Yes, consumers spend more time online than ever, creating more opportunity than ever to capture their interest. But the competition to capture their interest has gone up much more. Marketing efforts are that much less likely to result in the returns they used to.

With SEO for instance, you have to get every kind of edge you can get to compete. Search engines still direct the highest amount of targeted online traffic, but the amount of “space” being fought for hasn’t really gone up much if at all. In fact, it’s arguable that while page 2 and beyond for many search terms used to still be lucrative, with Google Instant and people willing to spend less time searching, page 1 holds nearly all the value.

With many more businesses fighting for that space (SEO is more popular than it has ever been), having a domain with age, partial match or exact match for your keywords provides an edge that may prove crucial to the rankings you’re trying to get.

But what if you focus on other marketing methods and get most of your traffic from them? The quality of your domain may be even more important in that case, because your brand will be front and center, judged by anyone who sees it.

With marketing such as through social media or advertising, having a better domain can help in two ways.

First, it will result in more potential customers coming to you, as your brand will be more professional, trustworthy and interesting. Having a poor domain can turn many people away due to not having those qualities. Your marketing efforts end up bringing you higher returns than if you had the kind of domain most of your competitors end up with.

Secondly, when you look at the companies that make it to being well-known, they rarely have poor quality brand names. When you consider however that the vast majority of registered domains are poor quality domains, then a significantly higher percentage of businesses with higher quality domains find success than ones with poorer quality domains.

Having a better domain not only helps your marketing dollar go further, but it best positions your business to actually make it to the next level, however long it might take. With your domain working for you rather than against you, you’ll be able to reach that level quicker and easier than otherwise.

At Domainate, we can help you find and buy the domain that will take your business or organization to the next level easier. Contact us if you want a better domain.


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