Not Ready to Develop Your New Domain? Here’s What You Can Do With It

Often, ideas for new businesses, sites, products and services pop up out of nowhere. Even if it’s a great idea, you may not be ready to take advantage of it. You still may be inspired however to get a particular domain for it.

Most people tend to simply keep their domain parked with the registrar when they get it. The registrar certainly thanks them for that as it’s free space to display ads and advertise themselves. You might think if you’re not ready for development, what’s the difference what is happening with the domain? After all, you own it now and that’s what’s important, right?

Your domain can do more than simply sit there however. You may not have a full site ready for it, but there are ways to make use of it in the meantime that can even help prepare its inevitable launch.

Capture leads

You have the idea, you know what products/services the domain will have eventually – why not broadcast that and have a form people can fill out to get notified when it’s live? In fact, if it’s related to any sites or businesses you already have live, you may be able to offer content or deals in the meantime and help get people to visit your existing site.

Even if the domain you bought was a generic one and you decided to put it on paid parking, the leads should be worth more to you. It can help you get off the ground running once you finally develop the site.

Capture members

In a similar vein, if your inevitable site or service will be free, you can allow people to sign up for membership. Sure, they have no reason to come back yet, but you won’t have to get them to sign up later when you’ve launched. When you have a beta version of the site ready, you can already have a member base eager to use it.

Many of these kinds of sites that seek to launch backed by investors will do this to build up their numbers before they launch. They can show potential investors they already have X people interested in what they’ll be coming out with. Especially with social sites where it’s hard to develop a community starting with nothing, building a member base before starting is a way to sidestep that headache.

Redirect it to a page on your existing related site

If your new site is intended to feature a new product or service of your existing company, you can at least put up basic details about it on your company site and redirect it there. In fact, that can allow you to build links to the domain in preparation for its launch, since the domain will show a developed site – just on a different domain.

You can even allow people to order or pre-order whatever it is. You may be looking to put together a robust site on the domain at some point to ramp up sales, but take advantage of what you already have to get sales in the meantime.

If you do redirect the domain, when it comes time to develop the domain, you can simply redirect the index page by using .htaccess and develop your site around it. Your pages in development won’t be discovered but you can still navigate them yourself to preview them and confirm all links work while your .htaccess is redirecting any other potential visitors to your other site.

At Domainate, we can help you with strategy for your domain acquisitions and can assist in acquiring them with our consulting services. Contact us if you need a domain for your new site.


3 Comments on “Not Ready to Develop Your New Domain? Here’s What You Can Do With It”

  1. What do you think about developing out a site for the domain you own, get it ranked on google and putting adsense or something similar on it?

    • Steve Jones says:

      Hi David,

      It depends on the site you develop. If it were more of a serious business where you offer your own products and services, adding Adsense to it will cheapen it. Even if you earn ad revenue, you’ll probably lose sales of your own services and products. Certainly for a blog or informational site where you don’t offer your own products or services, you can do that. There are other options too like CPA ads, affiliate, lead generation and more that you can add for monetization.


  2. Sharon Hayes says:

    Reblogged this on Sharon Hayes Dot Com.

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