How to Find Your Ideal Niche: Follow Your Passion

I follow a lot of internet marketing communities and “gurus” and for the most part everything starts with choosing your niche. There’s no sense in doing marketing efforts whether on a new website or on yourself through social media if you have no focus. What will your new site be targeting? Or if self-branding, who do you want to reach?

Needless to say, in the internet marketing world, there’s a product for that. Thousands of them. Hundreds of services for it too. How can you really know where to begin?

Looking back to earlier stages of my life, throughout my teenage years I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I stuck with math as a focus in college because I was good at it – really good at it. I won a regional Johns Hopkins University award for scoring a 620 on my math SAT…in 7th grade. I took the SAT again in 10th grade and scored 760 in math. Probably could have gotten a perfect the next year.

Did I ever enjoy math though? No. I did enjoy that it was easier than other subjects. I never needed to study – at least not until the really advanced courses in college. But come to find out later in life, the people making a living in math enjoy it – they have to in order to do it all day every day. Considering I didn’t actually enjoy math, I’d have probably gone insane in such a position!

Towards the end of college and the beginning of life in the real world, I took an interest in domains – enough of an interest to start a hobby buying domains to resell. I couldn’t tell you how exactly it started, except to say I was aware of domains since about 5 years earlier and spent about half a year or so periodically looking at more domain-related sites before ultimately deciding “hey, why not get some?”

A short 3 and a half years later, I was saying farewell to the one and only day job I had which I started around the same time I started my “hobby” which since became a full-fledged business. People who worked with me there knew I was involved in domains but had no idea it had become my main source of income and many of them were asking about it and about how they too could find success.

What I told many of them then is what I still believe today. If you’re passionate about what you do and put in the time and effort to research and build a better understanding of it, get more skilled and find where the money is in it, you can be successful in it. It doesn’t matter what it is – that can be applicable to anyone and anything.

In my next article I’ll cover how you can brainstorm and research to help your niche find you. To quickly summarize however, think of your ideal niche as something that would jump out at you and get your mind flowing with ideas. You have to show signs of having some passion in it or it’s really not your ideal niche. There’s a reason I’m not a mathematician or math professor right now.


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