The One Reason You Should Buy a Better Domain

As much as we might wish it was the mid 90’s again, it’s not.

The web is absolutely huge now. Per, Google has indexed about 51 billion pages. Let’s say if each represented a single page and it took an average of 2 minutes to digest what was on it. If you had a full-time staff of about 80,000, it would still take over 10 years to go through them all. And by then the figure would have multiplied.

Consequently, the number of domains has also multiplied. On March 6th, 1997, the one millionth domain was registered. Today, we have nearly 100 million .com domains registered and overall over 215 million domains registered.

In other words, it’s not good enough to simply be online anymore.

That said, most web traffic funnels through two general places now – search engines and social media sites. Search engines had been dominant since the late 90s especially, but social media has gained steam over the past few years. The only difference between social media and search is that sometimes, social media visitors may stay there vs. travel through to other sites.

That said, the domain is still important in both cases. Your business is centered around a brand. Your brand is what makes you unique upfront to your potential customers/clients. Otherwise, you’re just another ______ company. Surely you have your marketing to explain why you’re different, but the first thing they generally see that makes you different is your brand.

That’s the key however – your brand is your first opportunity to stand out and place yourself above the competition. Differentiate yourself from the competition, most of whom are not taking the domain seriously and registering something of average or poor quality.

The one reason to get a better domain is to capture the attention, interest and intrigue of your potential customers/clients. It all starts with the domain and your brand overall. Once someone sees it, they’ll have already consciously or subconsciously made a judgment of you based on it. Getting a better domain makes it a better judgment.

Google recently became the first website online to hit a billion unique visitors in a month. Billions of the webpages indexed by them however have never received a visitor. The slope falls off rather quickly – many sites with Alexa rank in the 20 millions only get a handful of visitors a day if that.

Even with a better domain, you won’t be guaranteed to get the amount of eyeballs you want. However, all of your marketing efforts will be infused with the branding power of that domain. Whether you’re telling someone about your site on social media or someone is viewing it in their search results or an ad, your better domain will help you win their initial approval.

At Domainate, we can help you figure out the right domain that will get the exposure and presence you need. Contact us if you need to get a domain for your business or organization.


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