The One Domain Buying Tip That Makes Most of the Difference

We are constantly asked many things about domains. Usually it’s what our opinions are on particular names, or what one would sell for. We do sometimes get asked about tips we can give to find a good domain.

We have the strategy and tactics built over many years for finding and buying the domains we buy. Could they help you find and buy your company name? Sure. But most of them are more suited for people buying a lot of names. It would either cost too much time or too much money for them to be of any use for a one-time purchase.

We also have the knowledge of how to evaluate domains, some of which we’ve shared on this blog. That’s ultimately more helpful than particular tools or tactics, because it helps you hone in on what you should really look for. Even then, there are a nearly infinite supply of domains and even among registered domains, tens of millions of domains for sale.

Based on that, most people getting their business domain simply settle. They look up name after name as they come to mind, and the first one that’s available they’ll grab. Or perhaps slightly better, they might continue searching until they’ve found maybe 3 available and choose between them. Of course they never look at domains for sale because why do that when an $8 available domain can still host a site?

Then they wonder why the site they put up isn’t getting traffic in. It’s such an amazing site and their idea was really unique, or they have the best customer service ever, or some other amazing feature. They wonder why advertising the site doesn’t bring in as many customers as they hoped. They wonder why no one ever talks about their company. They rarely ever realize the domain may be the answer.

What’s the one domain buying tip that makes most of the difference?


In my article on Business Insider, 14 Mistakes You May Be Making When Buying Domain Names, a lot of the mistakes stem from not scrutinizing your domain decision. In fact the #1 mistake is the opposite of scrutinizing – not taking your domain decision seriously.

It’s not just looking at enough names to form an more concrete opinion and considering names for sale vs. only available domains, but even asking other trusted opinions or asking potential customers of your new business. Don’t spend limitless time making the decision, but spend a lot more time on it than on what you were going to wear today, or whether to have the steak or the chicken.

This is the same advice I give to others that buy domains to resell or invest in. But consider in their case they’re buying dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of domains. If you’re buying a domain for your new business brand, you’re buying one domain – merely making a single decision. It will be your business identity, crucial throughout the life of your business – why NOT make sure it’s the best you can get?

Now does this mean you have to buy a domain on the secondary market? Possibly not. It’s about finding the right domain, and sometimes serendipity is on your side and the right domain for your new business is available to register. It’s rare to find a good quality domain that’s available, but we have at times when we’ve looked for domains for a new idea being developed.

You will end up with a domain you are confident in because it’s the best out of many that you’ve considered, not just a few. If you get other valued opinions, you can be confident that many think it’s the right domain, not just you. It’s worth the extra time and effort to get the right domain the first time vs. realizing you should rebrand to a better name later.


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