8 Alternatives if You Can’t Get Your Personal Name Domain in .com

Many articles out there indicate you should definitely get your name in .com as well as your kids’ names. But let’s face it – some of us were born with extremely common names and missed the boat on our .com.

In some cases your name domain may be for sale, but many times someone with the same name will have it. In that case, if you have any desire to have your name in a domain, you’ll need to consider alternatives.

What personal name alternatives are there if your name is taken in .com?

1. Your full name in another major extension

In most cases, your name will be available in a different extension. Obviously you’d much rather have your .com, but a .net or .info is still better than nothing.

2. Your first name or surname in a major extension

If you have a particularly unique first name or surname, you may actually prefer going this route to getting your full name. If your full name isn’t available or for sale, your first name or surname in .com may be but could be expensive. In other extensions, it may not be too bad however. Surnames are nice for email: firstname@lastname.ext.

3. Your full name with middle initial in .com

Even if you have a common full name, this allows for 26 more variations, giving you that much more chance of it being available. This wouldn’t be advisable to get in a different extension as it would likely end up being too weak.

4. Your first initial with last name or first name with last initial

Chances are if your full name is taken in .com, these variations won’t be available in .com, but they could be for sale or available in another major extension.

5. Your initials

Unfortunately, with the rarity of 2-3 letter domains, these options will be very expensive in .com. They also won’t be available in .net and .org and can be rather extensive in those extensions too. Still, if you have to have some variation of your name, it may be worth looking for your initials for sale in those extensions.

6. Your initials – in the extension

Thanks to hundreds of country-code extensions, there’s a chance your first and last name initials may be among them. You could get a domain like “me”, “iam” or something else clever.

7. Want it merely for a blog? Consider your name + blog

If your sole intention to get your name is to develop your own blog, your name + blog should work fine for you. You may first want to consider just your first name + blog, but if that’s taken and not for sale, your full name + blog may be available.

8. Add a different prefix or suffix with your name

If nothing else seems to work for you, consider getting your first, last or full name but with a different prefix or suffix added. Try to stick with something brandable and interesting if you go this route. Using a number probably wouldn’t be a good idea as it would cheapen the name and make it look like a “plan B” vs. a brandable attempt.

One thing to consider as you’re going through this – if you don’t already have your name on social media sites, get it. If your full name isn’t available, then consider what options are available as you go through these domain options. Staying consistent in your naming across your domain and social media accounts helps people find your other presences easier.


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