Our Domain Brokering Criteria and Why Brokers Are Selective

Have a domain that you would like to sell? You can try and sell it yourself, but often you have better chances of selling and reaching a higher sale if you use a domain broker.

That said, most domain brokers are very selective about what they broker. The vast majority of registered domains would be turned down by any domain broker.

Why are brokers selective?

Most brokers, ourselves included, do not charge an upfront fee and only charge commission if they sell the domain. There simply must be an attainable reward that is worth the resources a broker would spend on brokering a domain.

Some brokers do charge upfront fees to negate some of the risk involved and may be less selective than brokers that don’t. Bear in mind that insisting a broker should broker your domain on a commission basis requires the broker to take on considerable risk which simply isn’t a fair scenario all the time.

Some criteria we look for:

1. High search volume

High search volume for the domain’s keyword phrase indicates it has some level of existing appeal to potential visitors. This solid traffic potential means there’s a market ready to be tapped into with the domain. Many buyers of domains like this can be proactively sought out. Lower search volume domains on the other hand generally only attract motivated buyers seeking them out.

2. Aged

Unless a domain is in a new industry, it likely won’t meet our quality standards unless it is well aged (usually registered continuously since the 90’s). That’s not to say there’s no good names registered after the 90’s, but in established industries, the names of the quality we would broker have generally been registered since then.

3. All major TLDs registered

A potential buyer should not be able to get a major TLD of the domain for registration fee. High sales can sometimes happen when not all major TLDs are registered, but in most of those cases, a motivated buyer was after the particular name and could not have been proactively found by a broker.

4. A minimum market value of $10,000 USD (usually we seek $25,000+)

Given the risk involved with no upfront fee, the reward must be there. Domain brokers should not be expected to spend their time for 20% of a small sale. Bear in mind that using a broker can often get you a higher net after commission than you’d get selling the domain yourself. In other words, our reward doesn’t usually come at your expense.

5. A readily identifiable pool of potential buyers

As other criteria indicates, we need to broker a domain with potential buyers can be proactively found. Otherwise brokering can’t achieve what is expected of it.

For developed domains, we also have the following criteria:

6. Decent traffic volume

Buyers of sites almost always look for the traffic (and often revenue as well). They generally don’t want to grow something from scratch. Having a decent traffic volume shows a further potential in the site.

7. Google Page Rank of 5 or higher

There are many sites sold every day that were built quickly and pumped with traffic to make them appear viable. The Page Rank requirement helps ensure a more solid development with long-term viability. Our goal is not just to make a sale but the long-term satisfaction of the buyer as well.

8. A clean history

Many website buyers look for red flags on anything they’re interested in buying. History of a website can almost never be completely erased and a bad history can cause issues for a current site. Even if that past history haven’t brought about major issues yet, they could. Most buyers stay away from sites with that kind of risk.

When domains meet this criteria, we are able to be proactive in ways that typical domain owners could not be and can achieve higher selling prices.

What if your domain/web property doesn’t meet this criteria? You can still use our consulting services, which would be considerably less expensive anyways. Through our consulting services, we can assist with identifying ways to promote your domain or web property as well as handling negotiations if you have a potential buyer who has put forth an offer.

Do you have one or more domains/web properties to sell and need assistance? Contact us with what you have and we’ll indicate which of our services would be right for you.


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