Selling Your Domain? Buyers May Want to Know These Things About It

When you’re buying a domain, there’s certain data that helps guide your decision. Likewise, when you’re selling one, you should expect buyers to ask for more information about your domain.

Here’s what you might expect to be asked about:

1. Traffic

Usually if a buyer is buying based upon brand quality of a domain, traffic may not matter. Otherwise, traffic can be a motivating factor for a buyer. The less work they have to do to gain traffic and profit on the domain, the better. Often they’ll ask for at least 30 days of traffic, sometimes 60-90 days or more.

2. Earnings/revenue

If your domain isn’t in use and is parked, buyers will ask about traffic and revenue in tandem. Many domain buyers are investors looking to acquire revenue-producing assets that deliver for years to come. 30 days of revenue is common to ask for though often they’ll ask for longer term to see any trends.

3. Pagerank

Despite this being able to be looked up by anyone, many buyers will ask. Sometimes this is a tactic to drive the price down if your domain has no pagerank. Pagerank in conjunction with backlinks is something many buyers seek for SEO purposes.

4. Backlinks

Again, while this can be looked up by them, buyers do ask about backlinks going to the domain. This could be in case there are particularly important backlinks you’re aware of. It can also be a similar ploy to asking for pagerank if there are few or any backlinks to the domain.

5. DMOZ/Yahoo Directory listing(s)

In conjunction with backlinks, many domain buyers look for these two particularly strong directory listings. This can usually be looked up by buyers, but in the case of Yahoo Directory listings, they may be asking to confirm whether it’s a grandfathered “free” listing or whether it’s a paid listing.

6. Site history

Sometimes this can simply be “what was on this domain in the past?” Alexa and DomainTools can help piece this together in some cases but they’re often incomplete. Buyers sometimes ask this if a site is on the domain to make sure it’s been around for a while. They also usually want to make sure nothing bad has ever been on the domain. Lastly, if there is high pagerank/backlinks/traffic to the domain, they may be curious as to why.

7. Your history with the domain

Sometimes a buyer may ask about your history with the domain, i.e. when you purchased it. This can be if they have looked up other history on the domain and want to know your part. Oftentimes you might give this with the site history anyways, i.e. whether you were or weren’t involved with a previous site on the domain.

8. Your “rock bottom” price or final offer

Many buyers won’t put forth offers and instead will ask for a price. Even when they’ve been given one, they then might make an offer and ask for your “rock bottom” price. This is why you always want some cushion on the price you give in case they try to negotiate.

It can be a good idea to have this information on hand when you decide to sell your name. Any delays in communication can sometimes hurt the chances of making a sale. Having it ready to give can help keep your responses quick and have a nice flow to the negotiations.


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