The Domain I Want to Buy is Close to Expiring – Should I Wait?

Domains can be frustrating if you don’t have the right one. Finding a good domain to buy can be tough enough. If you do find one but it’s taken, what do you do?

We’ve given tips both on how to research a domain you want and how to buy the domain. Your research might show the domain is close to expiration however. The average person generally waits and sees if the domain will expire. Should you?

Answer These 3 Questions to Help You Decide

1. How close to expiration is the domain (or is it beyond expiration)?

Remember, expiration for domains is not as straightforward as the domain becoming available once it reaches its expiration. The process that occurs after expiration takes over 2 months. Most registrars allow the owner to renew at no extra cost well after the domain expires, as we noted in our post on how to get your expired domain back.

Most domain sellers let their domains go close to expiration or even beyond expiration before renewing. A domain showing expiration of a month or less away is common and few of those domains actually expire.

2. How soon do you need the domain?

If you’re on a deadline to launch your site, that must coincide with the expiration timeline of the domain. If you’re launching next month and the domain expires in a week, its expiration won’t help you in any way.

Remember too that if the owner renews the domain well after expiration, you’ll either need to contact them to buy it or look at getting another domain. Buying a domain can take time, which you need to make sure you have. Don’t let Plan B start at the last minute.

3. Do you absolutely need this particular domain regardless of time?

If you have an established business but don’t have the matching .com, you should take any opportunity to get it. If you look it up and see expiration is coming soon, you may want to wait and see if it does not get renewed. In many cases, you may be able to get the domain for less in a pre-release or backorder auction.

Even when time isn’t a factor, it would be ideal to get the domain as soon as possible. That said, approaching the seller shortly before expiration may cause them to renew a domain they were going to let drop. Even if they were going to let it drop, they may still quote you a price beyond what you can afford.

How to Take Advantage of a Domain Expiring

So you see the domain you want has expired – what now?

Your first opportunity to get the domain could be in pre-release auctions. These auctions can be held at SnapNames, Pool, NameJet or GoDaddy Auctions depending on where the domain is registered. They can start anywhere from 25 to 35 days after a domain has expired.

If the domain goes beyond 40 days of expiration, it will enter the Redemption period for 30 days. Once it does, the owner can still redeem the name but at a steep cost. There is no opportunity for others to get the domain during this period unless they convince the owner to redeem it.

Once this 30 day period has passed, the domain enters the Pending Delete period for 5 days. At this point, the domain will definitely expire. For the best chances to get the domain, you should backorder it at SnapNames, Pool and NameJet. If multiple backorders happen by the end of Pending Delete, the domain enters an auction with everyone who backordered it as eligible bidders.

If no one backordered the domain by the end of Pending Delete, it becomes available to register. Note that domains can hit lists such as “expired domains” that get the attention of domain speculators. If the domain you want becomes available, register it immediately. Someone else may get it otherwise.

Generally speaking, most cases of someone waiting for a domain to expire to get it ends up in wasted time. A vast majority of the time, the domain doesn’t expire as anticipated. You can either contact the owner immediately or focus on other options if waiting isn’t an option.

At Domainate, we can help you figure out what’s best to do in your particular case. We can help you maximize your chances of getting the domain you want whether it’s expiring or not. Contact us if you’re unsure of what to do regarding a domain you want.


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