8 Good Qualities to Look For in a Domain

What is it that makes a good domain good?

Buying a better domain can help you in many ways, but how do know one domain is better than another? What can you look for in a domain to tell if it’s good?

No automated evaluation system has cracked the code to domain values. If you’re not heavily involved with odmains, there’s no “easy” way to tell a good domain from a bad one.

That said, there are many good qualities you can look for that may help you decide between a set of different options. Not every good name has all of these qualities, but you should find some of these qualities in the name you go with.

1. Concise

Not every good domain is short and not every short domain is good, but most good names are concise. A concise name is only as long as it needs to be with nothing unnecessary added in. The more people have to remember in a name, the harder it can be.

2. Clear

Your domain is your identity, and you want it to paint a clear picture. Even names like Amazon for books or Monster for jobs still depict powerful qualities. Not every good name fits this bill but it does make a name better.

3. Easy to say and sounds good

There are very few “household names” that are difficult to say. Your brand should not be a tongue-twister or tough to figure out how to pronounce. If it doesn’t sound or look natural or simple, it can lose people quickly. A good sounding name can really help with word-of-mouth potential.

4. Easy to spell and type

The receiving end of word-of-mouth needs to be able to find you. Even with social media sharing growing, many people still hear about sites or see a URL while away from the computer. They may get lost trying to find you if they can’t spell or type your name right.

5. Interesting (in a good way)

Interesting names get talked about more. It might be particularly clever, catchy, or elite looking, something that would catch at least some positive attention for its uniqueness. Be careful through – other good qualities can get sacrificed and that “interesting” name could fail in too many other areas.

6. Fits what its for

If you were starting a law firm, would you name it Giggle? If you were starting a joke site, would you name it Standard? Even though not fitting may make it “interesting”, it can make your business not look the part. Whether you need to be serious or need to be fun, the name should follow the same path.

7. Has a wide scope of use

Giants like Google, Yahoo, Amazon and others that grow large are helped by their names. Their names don’t limit what they can do, keeping them free to do anything. Having a wide scope and being clear can be tough to do, but you should at least shoot for one or the other.

8. Trendsetting

It’s hard to pinpoint this quality in a name, but certain names are more able to set trends. The most popular video site online, YouTube, set the trend of “tube” to refer to a site with a gallery of posted videos. Other sites have tried imitating the success with tube domains, which only further strengthens the YouTube brand.

We could easily make this list a mile long, but these 8 qualities are a good start. As you go through your list of name candidates, you can use these qualities to whittle it down. Our next article will discuss some bad qualities of domains that you should avoid.

At Domainate we can work with you to find the right domain to brand or rebrand your website. We have looked at millions of domains over the years and know the good from the bad. If you need a domain, contact us and we can help you get the best one for your business.


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