15 Places You See or Hear Domains on a Regular Basis

For something that mainstream media doesn’t report much on, domain names show up everywhere. We see them every day, whether we focus on them or not. Even people that don’t use the internet see them!

Besides being the backbone of the internet, domains have injected themselves into our every day lives. More domains get registered everyday with more businesses establishing presences online. People spend more time online thanks to social media and entertainment. With it comes advertising – both online and offline advertising trying to direct people where to go online. Domains are at the heart of it all.

How exactly are we exposed to domains on a regular basis?

1. In the URL bar

The most obvious place where a site’s domain is seen is in the URL bar when you’re on it. It may sound silly to point out, but most people don’t realize how much they actually look at domains on a daily basis. By simply going anywhere online whether they type it in or glance at the URL bar as they click a link, they’re exposed to a domain.

2. In a company name or logo

Many companies that primarily do business online use their full domain as their name. Amazon.com is a prime example of a large company that does it. Companies using top-tier generic domains like Cars.com and Hotels.com almost always do that since the generic terms alone couldn’t be trademarked.

3. In search engines

The traffic directors of the internet show domains on every single result and advertisement, which means up to 20 different domains on a single page. Those domains can be partially or fully bolded when they match the search phrase, making them even more prominent.

4. In emails

Whether newsletters, spam, or simply a friend sharing a site they saw, you see domains all the time in emails. Even in support emails or updates from sites you use, you see domains in links and sometimes logos as well.

5. In email addresses

How many email addresses do you see every day, whether in emails or elsewhere? How many different domains do you see among them? While you may not normally focus on the domain in an email, it’s exposure nonetheless. Some people buy a domain specifically to have an interesting email address!

6. On web advertisements

Many websites today are driven by ads, and most of those ads contain domains. Even if you don’t click the ad right away, with a domain in the ad, you may remember where to go later. A catchy memorable domain can really help not only increase immediate interest but help the viewer remember the domain later.

7. On television

The presence of domains names in commercials has grown so much that it’s rare to see a commercial without a domain shown or mentioned in it. As mentioned in our article on brandable phrase domains, some companies will even buy a domain purely for marketing and add that on the commercial. Additionally, domains are often on the news or in TV shows that advertise them such as reality shows.

8. On billboards

Think your domain exposure stops once you get in your car and drive? Think again. Similar to TV commercials, domains didn’t show up overnight on billboards but over time it has become typical to include them.

9. On buildings and signs

Billboards are alongside freeways and in downtown squares, but what about elsewhere? Whether it’s on signs for shopping centers, on business buildings, or even on political signs posted, you’re bound to see one sooner or later.

10. On automobiles

Gridlocked in traffic and focused on the cars around you? One of them may have a bumper sticker with a domain on it. Most service professionals have trucks with their company name and domain on it. Even pizza delivery cars usually have the pizza company’s domain on it. Ads on the side of buses and wrapped cars will almost always have domains as well.

11. On the radio

Simply eating lunch in your car while listening to the radio? You’ll hear a domain on radio commercials, on talk shows, even periodically by DJs, with nearly all radio stations having web presences as well.

12. In publications

Sitting down to read a magazine or a newspaper? Looking something up in a telephone book? You’ll come across domains in ads or sometimes even in articles. Even non-fiction books sometimes contain domains, whether for the author’s website or to reference some information.

13. In physical mail

As much as the internet may have crushed the postal services over the years, the internet has also seeped into physical mail through domains as well. Tehre are not only domains on mail advertisements but also on notices and even bills. Sometimes companies even purchase brandable domains apart from their company brand specifically for their mailings.

14. On receipts

Just picked up some groceries? Bought some clothes at a department store? Look at the receipt and there’s bound to be a domain. Grocery stores even have advertisements on the back of receipts which entice people to look by containing coupons. Those ads can sometimes have domains on them.

15. On business cards

Anywhere you might represent your business offline, your domain is sure to be – most of all on business cards. While your phone number, address and name are all important elements of your business card, your domain works outside of business hours and often people can’t contain their curiosity and end up visiting your site at some point.

So why does this matter? If you think your domain DOESN’T matter, realize everywhere you could be displaying it to potential visitors. Every single time presents an opportunity to create interest with a better domain.

At Domainate, we can help you make a better first impression with a better domain. Contact us to get the right domain to entice new customers or clients however they first see or hear it.


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