Domains Are Cheaper Than You Think

Our previous article went into the benefits of paying more for a pre-registered domain instead of getting a domain for registration fee. While “more” might sound scary at first when you witness some of the multi-million dollar domain sales that happen, getting the domain you want may cost less than you think.

For every mega sale that hits the news wire, there are thousands of smaller sales of domain names that take place. In a recent webinar, Thies Lindenthal of IDNX shared his research of sales on the biggest domain marketplace, indicating the average sale for domains in major extensions was around $2,500. Considering sales in the 6-7 figure range skew that average up, it indicates many sales happen for under $2,500, and our own sales figures fall in line with that.

Like with real estate, you can’t expect to get the highest caliber domain names for anything close to that average, but the key is to get the best domain for you. A good quality brand name that reflects the image you want and will stand out from others can in fact cost around that average or less. Twitter for instance paid only $5,000 for and have reaped enormous benefits over sticking with their original name Twttr, which was awkward and difficult to remember. Do you think they got their money’s worth?

The other key to remember, one of the points from the previous article, is that the cost to buy a pre-registered domain is a one-time cost and the benefits stay with your business for it’s entire life. Most other marketing expenses the money could go to give you a one-shot benefit and that’s it.

Examples of marketing expenses your money might go to if not a pre-registered domain:

  • Adwords clicks typically cost at least $2-$3 and can cost as much as $10 per click or more. $2,500 would only get you 250 clicks at that rate with no guarantee of any business from it.
  • Print ads in magazines, newspapers and other print media can often cost far more than $2,500 and are rarely seen after their initial circulation.
  • Television commercials are similar to print ads in that they can offer immediate widespread exposure but at a steep cost, and most commercials are forgotten long after their run.
  • Using SEO services to try and win ongoing traffic from the search engines in one expense no longer works. Search engines can now see through one-shot SEO boosts through tactics like massive link buying and give them only a limited-time boost at best.
  • Even website design and development, as important as it is, may not hold up over time without additional costs. Website designs of the 1990s for instance have been laughed at for the past several years.

This is why at Domainate, we believe the domain is your most important business expense and offers the best benefits for the money. Your domain doesn’t have to cost as much as you may think – we have our own portfolio of thousands of domain names at reasonable prices and can help you get the best domain for you within your budget. If you need a domain name, contact us and we can help you find the right one.


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