Why Pay For a Pre-Registered Domain Instead Of Getting One For Registration Fee

We encounter a lot of people who don’t understand why they should pay for a pre-registered domain on the secondary market. Doesn’t it make more financial sense to come up with a domin name that can be obtained for registration fee? I want to explain to you the benefits of purchasing a pre-registered domain name versus finding one available for registration fee.

  1. To Get the Right Domain
  2. Many businesses start offline before they establish an online presence and find that the .com domain matching their business name is taken. Most of those businesses end up registering a non-matching domain name, causing confusion to visitors looking for their business online. Getting that matching .com is in most cases a tiny cost compared to how much smoother of an online start they’ll get from having it.

  3. To Stand Out and Be Seen
  4. There are over 200 million registered domains and over 25 billion pages indexed by Google. Simply catching people’s attention in this vast sea is becoming the most important part of marketing. Since your domain is the first exposure many people will ever have to your site, it is your best bet to capture their interest.

  5. To Be Taken More Seriously
  6. Being seen at all is important, but people will still pass judgment on your website the moment they see its name. They might see the name in an advertisement, discussion or review and will have preconceived notions about the site. A weak domain may turn them off, making them believe your site isn’t serious or worse, is a spam or scam site. A stronger name helps turn judgment into your favor, putting a more positive vibe about your site into that potential visitor’s mind.

  7. To Get More Word-of-Mouth Exposure
  8. This happens in multiple ways. A better name is going to be easier for people to recall when telling their friends about your site. On top of that, many people like to be more “hip to the scene” and a good and interesting domain makes them want to tell other people about the site.

  9. To Get More Visitors from Search Engines
  10. If getting search engine traffic is a big part of your strategy, the right domain can be your best friend and biggest asset. One of the biggest SEO edges you can have when targeting a single term is having a keyword domain that matches the term exactly. Aged domains and domains with high pagerank and backlinks can also help you get traffic on your targeted keyword as well as related keywords.

  11. To Help Your Website For Its Full Life with a Single Cost
  12. There are other ways to accomplish the benefits a good domain can provide, but most if not all of them involve ongoing costs which can really hurt your ability to gain momentum. It’s impossible to know how much a good domain can save you throughout the life of your business, but it is definitely the best expense you can make for the value you receive.

Some of the strongest brands online like Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have spent millions of dollars on domain acquisitions. In spite of having their core brand name solidified in the minds of the public, these companies still continue to purchase quality domain names on the secondary market. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of businesses every day get their domain for registration fees and fail to make an impact. Once you’ve witnessed what a better domain can do for your website, it’s almost impossible to justify registering something instead.

At Domainate we work with both start-ups and existing companies to help them find the perfect domain to brand or rebrand new or existing products and services. We have our own portfolio of thousands of domain names and we can also help you with acquiring domain names owned by other parties. If you need a domain name, contact us and we can help you find what you are looking for.

As our next article shows, domain names often don’t cost as much as people think.


5 Comments on “Why Pay For a Pre-Registered Domain Instead Of Getting One For Registration Fee”

  1. Gaye Crispin says:

    Great article Steve, it makes sense. Thank you.

  2. Samit Madan says:

    The issue comes from people who don’t really understand the value of a domain, they expect you to hand over your domain for reg fee, they’ll even be ‘generous’ an offer you $100!!

    I’m so sick of lowballers it’s not even funny.

    Watch out for my rant later today, lol.

  3. Sharon Hayes says:

    Reblogged this on Sharon Hayes Dot Com.

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